Uganda 2013

An act of love

Who we are

Hey there! We are Josh and Amanda Palmeri. We're from Center Moriches, NY, and we've been married for one year already! We're just two people on the journey of life together, and we're commited to doing mainly two things...

  • 1. love & serve our Lord Jesus Christ, and
  • 2. love & serve others.

In aiming to do these two things, we have found there's no higher fulfillment in anything else!

Read on to see what we're up to here...

Where we're going

Mityana, Uganda! Uganda is located near the central region of Africa.

Here are a few facts on the country of Uganda:

Item Details
Climate Tropical; generally rainy with
two dry seasons
Population 32,369,558 (July 2010 estimate)
Percentage of population using
adequate sanitation facilities
Urban: 29%
Rural: 34% (2006 estimate)
Life expectancy Male: 51.6 years
Female: 53.8 years (2010 estimate)
Percentage of population living below $1.25 a day 52% (1992-2007 study)

Why we're going

The #1 reason of why we're travelling approximately 7,000 miles across the Atlantic ocean is to share the love and hope of Jesus that we have inside. His love is all that matters, and He gives it freely for us to receive and live in freedom.

Amanda and I travelled to Uganda once before, about 15 months ago, with a group of 20+. That trip included a medical clinic for the community, installation of a new fence around King's Kids School and Orphanage , visiting local prisoners & providing basic care. This year, we are returning to provide aid and be of service at Life House Community Church and King's Kids, as well as visiting the children at 100% hOPE .

Most of all, we share the Love of Jesus. As one of our friends put it so well after the last trip was coming to a close, "I wasn't sure if I should come on this trip, or just send the money to the kids so that it could be used for clothes, health supplies and other needs. Now... I'm so glad I came. Embracing the kids and loving them is something that no sum of money can ever buy."

Our friends in Africa suffer from the highest rates of poverty in the world. There is no simple solution, but improvement is so achievable: one gesture of kindness at a time.

With God's Love, anything is possible.

What we're doing

We have an agenda that we are excited about! Here are our main goals:

  • 1 Our good friends John and Naomi Faull have been planted in Uganda doing missions work for the past several years. They are now at a place where they have empowered and enabled the people in Uganda to take up the things that they have been doing... a Bible Training School, feeding program, and several business initiatives. We will be helping Naomi and their two young daughters return to the U.S.
  • 2 Run a health education seminar. As a nursing student, Amanda will be bringing pertinent knowledge to the people and children of how to care for their body, inside and out. This will include skin care, nutrition, proper hygienic techniques, facts about microorganisms, how to treat basic symptoms of illness, and more.
  • 3 Bring a Message of Unity. Amanda and I have had a love in our hearts to believe and foster a greater unity among our brothers and sisters in Uganda. We bring a message of how to care for the individual body, and the how to care for the body of Christ - the Church.
  • 4 Transport basic hygienic supplies for the children and adults at King's Kids orphanage and Life House Community Church, as well as 100% hOPE. This includes basic health needs such as bars of soap, new tooth brushes, tooth pastes, floss, feet scrubs, socks, etc. Click here to help!
  • 5 Update and Maintain computer systems at the School and at the King's Kids Internet Cafe.
  • 6 Speak on the subject of purity, relationships and marriage. We have been blessed with experience in this area of life. over the past year, and will be sharing some of that with our friends in Uganda. (We will be flying back to the USA on August 5th, our 1-year wedding anniversary!)

When we're going

Soon! We depart on July 26th, 2013, and will return on August 5th, 2013.

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We are in Uganda!

How YOU can help

There are a number of ways in which you can support the work that we are setting out to do. We ask that you sincerely consider helping in ANY possible way that you can. Thank you so much!

  • Most Importantly
    Please pray for us! Prayer is the most helpful way that you can support us. There is immense power in prayer. We know that God is the God of the impossible, and that He has and will continue to prove Himself faithful, in every situation.
  • Donate Supplies
    Can you help us collect basic hygiene/healthcare supplies? We are collecting tooth brushes, tooth paste, bars of soap, lotions, socks, and the like. Email us at for details.
  • Help Financially
    We still need to purchase a few more supplies, so any donation, big or small, will help us help our Ugandan friends.
    If you can help, please send a check (put Josh & Amanda in the memo) to Living Water Church, 24 Shade Tree Lane, Riverhead NY 11901.
    You can also contact us directly for more information.
    Remember, even after we leave, the need for your help remains. Thank you for your support!